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Boston Marathon Victim Physical Therapy

In the days following the Boston Marathon bombing, Beantown Physio made a pledge to provide free Physical Therapy care to any victims of the attacks in our April newsletter. The entire staff at Beantown Physio vowed to try to help the victims of this horrific tragedy and to this day it remains a team effort.

Michele Mahoney had attended the Marathon with friends to watch her roommate complete the race. While at the finish line, Michele and her friends sustained serious injuries. Her injuries required multiple surgeries and weeks of stay in some of Boston's finest hospitals.

Michele heard about the Beantown Physio pledge and once able to attend outpatient Physical Therapy, contacted Beantown Physio to start receiving physical therapy in August of 2013.

This video represents a snapshot of Michele's progress in Physical Therapy, seven months after the bombings.

Beantown Physio would like to thank Beautiful Module (http://beautifulmodule.com/) for their generosity, assistance and expertise in the production of this video.

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